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J More Pte Ltd., is one of the leading integrated consultancies in Asia-Pacific region,with expertise in practices of business jets transaction and financing, as well as chartering services.
Appreciate the word-of-mouth by our clients, J More established its reputation in the circles of multi-countries enterprises and HNWIs, for its know-how of total solutions of jets acquisition.
Founded in 2014, J More boasts an elite core team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the business aviation industry.
With a wealth of daily practical experience, J More is renowned in the business aviation industry for its pro-knowledge, trustworthiness, execution capabilities, and as well as its excellent performances.
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With headquarter in Singapore, J More established services network globally with pro representatives respectively based in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai and Los Angeles. Specifically focus on business aviation market segment, J More aims to build its own dedicated meta-verse with inspirational business values.
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Walter Wang has been in the business aviation industry for nearly 17 years starting his career in this industry when the business aviation industry was at its infancy in China. He has established firm relationships with solid contacts in different fields of the business aviation industry from clients to regulators and senior management of the OEMs, aircraft operators, brokers and financial institutions.
Walter was the Asia Representative for the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) from 2011 to 2013, during which he was one of the founding committee members of the Asian Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (ABACE) which moved its host city from Hong Kong to Shanghai in 2012. ABACE is the biggest annual general aviation event in the Asia-Pacific region.
Prior to being the NBAA Asia Representative, Walter was the Founding and Managing Editor of the JET Asia-Pacific magazine for over seven years since 2005. JET Asia-Pacific is Asia’s leading dedicated industry publication for business aviation. Walter then joined Minsheng Financial Leasing (“MSFL”) in 2013 as the Senior Sales Director for business jet financing, covering East and South China. Walter then joined J More, a boutique business aviation consultancy after he left MSFL in late 2017.
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